Why use MoodleCloud in instrumental lessons?

MoodleCloud is a free version of Moodle  (an online learning platform). It is designed for educators and targeted “towards small users of Moodle: very small schools or companies, or lone teachers with a few classes..”(Read more here). In other words, MoodleCloud is a perfect fit for music studios, like Poco Piano Studio!

MoodleCloud is a highly customisable system. You can create courses structured around anything you want for your students. You can create assignments, quizzes, upload and link students on to great resources among other things. After much fiddling around I discovered the best way to use MoodleCloud for my studio, here is a quick peek!
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20 Piece Challenge

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With term 4 coming to a close it’s time for Poco Piano Studio to launch our first ever 20 piece challenge. The challenge was inspired by the ’40 Piece Challenge’ run by The Art of Piano Pedagogy, a Facebook group consisting of over 10,000 piano teachers around the globe. Intrigued to learn more  I read  a blog post by Elissa Milne, ‘Where did the 40 Piece Challenge Begin?’. The aim of the challenge is to enrich our music studies by learning a greater quantity of work, but how does that work?

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