A Higgledy Piggledy Christmas!

Music by Elena Cobb. Illustrations by Nathalie Chabelnik Wood.

December 2015 marked the end of my first year running Poco Piano Studio. During the busy month I found myself overwhelmed by the amount of gifts I was recieving from students! I was extremely grateful and wondered what I could give my students in return, after all I’m not the only who deserves a gift for working hard all year! Learning piano requires a lot of hard work, dedication and a large time commitment from students which definitely earns them a reward as well (in addition to the satisfaction of being able to play piano of course!).

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Piano Posture & Parent Participation

The weekly lesson only takes up a small amount of time that students spend at the piano, majority of the time they’re on their own practicing. This is where bad posture and practice habits form. I spend time in lessons showing students both how to practice at home and correcting their posture and usually by the next week the same posture problems are reappearing. Our minds are always so busy while we practice it can be very difficult to focus on our posture at the same time. Sometimes what is really need is a tap on the shoulder show us we’re doing something wrong, unfortunately I am only able to do this in our lessons and at home the student is largely on their own.

Lately I’ve been thinking of ways to get parents more involved in the music education of their children. Fortunately you don’t need any musical knowledge to understand what constitutes correct posture at the piano. I stumbled across this great posture infograph at Hoffman Academy that I now give to the parents of all of my piano students.It fits perfectly on a double sided A4 page and is really easy walk through at the end of the lesson!


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Practice Books… hot off the presses!

Finally invested in a new printer which means…. Practice books!

Practice Diary

Preview: Cover of Practice Book 1.1

This is my practice book template and I’m very excited to try it for this weeks lessons. I’m sure I’ll make improvements and adjustments as I go, let me know how it works out for you! I

Practice Book 1.0 1.1 (revised!)

Practice Diary (.docx) | Practice Diary (.doc)

All you need is a double sided printer. 🙂

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