A Higgledy Piggledy Christmas!

Music by Elena Cobb. Illustrations by Nathalie Chabelnik Wood.

December 2015 marked the end of my first year running Poco Piano Studio. During the busy month I found myself overwhelmed by the amount of gifts I was recieving from students! I was extremely grateful and wondered what I could give my students in return, after all I’m not the only who deserves a gift for working hard all year! Learning piano requires a lot of hard work, dedication and a large time commitment from students which definitely earns them a reward as well (in addition to the satisfaction of being able to play piano of course!).

So I set about thinking what to get my students for Christmas when it hit me, what could be better than the gift of music? Added to the cost of piano lessons sheet music can be quite expensive for students and it takes a while to build up a personal library. I’m hoping to help my students build up their music library each christmas by giving them a new collection of music to play. I decided to by a studio license for Elena Cobb’s Higgledy Piggledy Jazz, print and bind a copy for each of my students. The studio licences on Elena’s website are extremely reasonably priced and allow for unlimited reproductions for all of your students. I’ve now started building up my collection of studio licences from her site, there really is some gorgeous music to choose from.


Elena Cobb’s Higgledy Piggledy Jazz is a fantastic collection of music suited for late elementary – intermediate students. I gave out copies just in time for the studios 20 piece challenge and the students have responded very well. The following week after handing out copies I had one student return to lessons having learnt the entire of ‘Super Duck’, improvisation and all!

The book allows students to explore improvisation, the 12 bar blues and the blues scale among many other things. It caters for a range of different skill levels and includes a variety of catchy tunes. 10/10 from me, I adore this book and the learning experiences it has provided for my students. I even on occasion find myself singing ‘Super Duck’ long after the students have gone home (much to my partners distress!). Be sure to check out Elena’s website for some wonderful sheet music!

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