Student Details Forms

 Student Details Form (.doc) | Student Details Form (.docx)

Can’t believe it’s August already! Poco Piano Studio is in our eighth month of operation, currently operating with two students I’m very proud of how far we’ve come together. There is no greater buzz than seeing your students progress and develop a lifelong appreciation for music! I am now putting my focus on growing our little studio. The bigger our music community the more group activities and competitions I can run for the students!

I wanted to share with other teachers my student details forms.Not only are they a must for administrative records of your studio but they are great to keep handy for phone inquiries, booking new students in lessons and getting to know new students. The music history section gives you guidance of how to plan for your first lesson together. I like to get an overview of how the student uses their music skills outside of the lesson. If they’re not apart of any ensembles I encourage them to join some, joining a choir is a great place to start for beginning students who aren’t comfortable playing piano with others yet. Choir provides the joy of group music making without the pressure of playing an unfamiliar instrument.

Student details form

I like to save the student interests portion of the form to complete with the student on the first lesson. This helps me to get to know them, what they want from piano lessons and so on. I believe it is important to be able to explain to  the student how what they’re learning equips them with the skills they need to achieve their wider goals.

I hope you find this forms as useful as I have, I would love to hear about any additions/alterations you have made to it and why!

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