Practice Books… hot off the presses!

Finally invested in a new printer which means…. Practice books!

Practice Diary

Preview: Cover of Practice Book 1.1

This is my practice book template and I’m very excited to try it for this weeks lessons. I’m sure I’ll make improvements and adjustments as I go, let me know how it works out for you! I

Practice Book 1.0 1.1 (revised!)

Practice Diary (.docx) | Practice Diary (.doc)

All you need is a double sided printer. 🙂

  I don’t intend to use these to hound the students to practice more, although I won’t be complaining if they do! The idea is that the students will be able to practice more effectively. Students ‘tick’ the boxes they’ve practiced on any given day, with an extra column set aside for you to mark what you’ve covered in each lesson. The first row is for recording the dates of practice.

Benefits to using a practice diary:

  1. Student has a visual representation of their practice routine. They will be able to see if they have been unconsciously neglecting anything in their day to day practice.
  2. ‘Lesson Notes’ page enables students to review what’s been covered in the lesson. Helps avoid students forgetting key lesson points at their next practice session.
  3. Helps you keep track of lessonsIt’s very easy to forget what’s been covered in the last lesson once a weeks gone by. The first column of each week I use for ticking off what’s been covered in the lesson. This enables me to quickly see what we covered in the previous lesson and determine what needs to be covered.
  4. Helps keep track of progress! When my studio gets a few more students I plan to give out a few merit certificates at the end of year concert. Students who practice well consistently will gain points toward the ‘Consistent Progress’ award, recognising their persistence and dedication. 🙂

Download at your leisure!

Just make sure you use the correct settings when you are ready to print, it should look something like this:

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 2.42.33 pm

One thought on “Practice Books… hot off the presses!

  1. alittlepianostudio says:

    After using the practice books for a little while I have updated the template to become simpler!

    Practice book version 1.1: I have removed the categories in the right hand column (scales, exercises, theory, repertoire). I found I was not using each category every week with every student so was wasting space! Much easier just to write in categories or just write in categories for each student. I’ll upload the new version tonight. 🙂


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