First Steps

11053657_813880775396376_7156914385102954288_n-2 copy

Poco Piano Studio opened approximately 6 months ago and we’ve come a long way together since day one!  Here is where we are currently at… 

Six months in and here we are:

  1. Upright Piano and adjustable stool. I can’t stress how important having a stool with adjustable height is for developing healthy technique at the piano.
  2. Keytar: Definitely not a necessity. A great synth that has proven to capture the interest of students
  3. Simple Stool: self explanatory!
  4. 2 x Daiso Children Seats: We use these as fun footstools for the younger students.
  5. Origami Music Picture Frames:  These frames depict music coming to life. The animals pop out of the shadow box frame, escaping from Saint-Saens compositoins The Elephant and Royal March of the Lion from The Carnival of the Animals as well as Saint-Saens’ Africa. The students and I love these!
  6. Bookshelf: (not pictured) containing our sheet music collection

Well there you have it, my current piano studio is made up of six(ish) elements and functioning perfectly! Of course this is only the beginning… stay tuned for what’s next! 🙂


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